Older Studio Work

Much of my studio work over the years has centered around portraying places of refuge or comfort within urban environments, inside buildings, or more recently, inside the human body. I've gone from expansive and external spaces to more internal spaces with my Innerscapes series.

When I was a young boy, I'd spend hours alone building forts, climbing trees, and finding secluded spaces to play or just daydream. I wasn't trying to hide from anything or anyone, I just enjoyed solitude sometimes. It was an interesting realization for me when I finally saw the connection between my childhood alone time and my artwork as an adult. I realized that most of my studio work involved creating or finding secluded, intimate spaces in the midst of a turbulent world -- just like much of my childhood.

The first three works below were transitional pieces for me -- combining building spaces with some sense of the human body.


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Acrylic on canvas        2016       20 x 16 inches

Burial Ground

Oil on canvas       2012          22 x 36 inches

Illuminated Pipes

Oil on canvas        2004             22 x 26 inches


Oil on canvas          2006               41 x 26 inches


Oil on canvas        2002              22 x 36 inches

Above the Ceiling

Oil on canvas         2000            24 x 36 inches

Leaving a Space

Oil on canvas          2006                36 x 48 inches

Buried Up There

Charcoal and Pastel         2002          20 x 24 inches

Resting Place

Oil on canvas      2004         38 x 55 inches


Charcoal            2000              18 x 24 inches

Fire Escape

Oil on canvas           1999                48 x 40 inches


Oil on canvas            1998                20 x 24 inches


Charcoal and Conte         1999           24 x 36 inches

The Source

Charcoal          1998               36 x 52 inches

Still Life on Four Planes

Oil on canvas           1995               36 x 36 inches